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Herbaceous Perennial Flower

Also known as Chilean Avens
Geum quellyon
Rosaceae Family
Synonym: Geum chiloense, Geum coccineum

Geum is prized for its handsome hairy foliage and striking spring blooms in shades of yellow, orange and red. The 2-foot-tall plants require full sun and excellent drainage. Dislikes temperature extremes and tends to be short-lived.

Site Characteristics
  • full sun
  • part shade
Part shade beneficial in hot areas.

Soil conditions:

  • requires well-drained soil
Prefers rich, well-drained soil. Does not perform well in hot, humid conditions.

Hardiness zones:

  • 5 to 8
Plant Traits

Lifecycle: perennial

Ease-of-care: moderately difficult

Height: 1 to 2 feet

Spread: 1 to 2 feet

Bloom time:

  • late spring
  • early summer

Flower color:

  • red
  • orange
  • yellow

Foliage color: dark green

Leaves are deep green and covered with hairs.

Foliage texture: medium

Shape: cushion, mound or clump

Shape in flower: flower stalks with sprays of flowers

Flowers borne in loose arrangements on upright, branching stems.

Special Considerations
Special characteristics:
  • non-aggressive
  • non-invasive
  • not native to North America - Native to Chile.
  • evergreen - Semi-evergreen, retaining foliage well into winter.
  • bears ornamental fruit - Attractive fluffy seedheads.
Growing Information
How to plant:

Propagate by division or separation - Plants tend to be short-lived. Annual division in early spring or late summer helps prolong plantings.

Most varieties are hybrids and will not breed true from seed.

Maintenance and care:
May require staking.

Deadhead to prolong flowering.

Keep moist and protect from hot afternoon sun during summer. Provide excellent drainage during winter.

Divide annually or biennially to maintain vigor and health. New plants or divisions flower better than old plants.

More growing information: How to Grow Perennials

Downy mildew
Powdery mildew
Fungal leaf spots
Varieties are often hybrids with G. coccineum.

‘Fire Opal’ has vivid red semi-double flowers.

‘Lady Stratheden’ has yellow double flowers.

‘Mrs. Bradshaw’ has large, showy reddish-orange. double flowers.

‘Red Wings’ has vivid red semi-double flowers.