home gardening
A supplement to the Cornell Gardening resources website.
flower growing guides
Flower Growing Guides
What size? color? hardiness? Search for the perfect flowers to plant in your garden.
designing flower gardens
Designing Flower Gardens...
- basic techniques
- how to use color
- how to use texture
  Flower Factsheets
How to grow flowers...
- annuals
- bulbs
- perennials
vegetable growing guides
Vegetable Growing Guides
Use our vegetable database to learn about planting and growing your favorite vegetables.
visit a family garden
Visit a Family Garden
See how a Cornell University horticulturist plans, works, and enjoys her home garden.
  Vegetable Factsheets
How to grow vegetables...
- basic techniques
- insect pests
- plant diseases
- common problems
turf guy rules
Turf Guy Rules
Dr. Frank Rossi delivers tips and techniques for home lawn care. Videos and slideshows.
lawn care calendar
Lawn Care Calendar
When should I fertilize? Reseed? Aerate? An interactive guide to lawn care throughout the year.
  Lawn Factsheets
Lawn Care Library
Read about best practices for mowing, fertilizing, watering, troubleshooting, and more...
Background info on the Cornell University personnel who provided content for Home Gardening.
The latest gardening information from the Cornell Garden-Based Learning Program.