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Loosestrife, Yellow

Herbaceous Perennial Flower

Also known as Circle flower, Whorled loosestrife
Lysimachia punctata
Primulaceae Family

This moisture-loving plant can grow in full sun or part shade, and bears whorls of 1-inch yellow flowers in summer. Can be very aggressive in favorable sites.

Site Characteristics
  • full sun
  • part shade

Soil conditions:

  • tolerates damp soil
  • Tolerates poor drainage
Prefers moist but well-drained soil that is high in organic matter.

Hardiness zones:

  • 3 to 8
May be only marginally hardy in Zone 3.
Plant Traits

Lifecycle: perennial

Ease-of-care: easy

Height: 1.5 to 3 feet

Spread: 1 to 2 feet

Can spread aggressively by rhizomes and self-seeding.

Bloom time: mid-summer

Flower color: yellow

Foliage color: dark green

Opposite or arranged in whorls around the stem.

Foliage texture: medium

Shape: upright

Shape in flower: flower stalks with upright spikes

Star-like flowers borne along erect stems where the leaves meet the stems.

Special Considerations
Special characteristics:
  • aggressive - Spreads rapidly by runner-like roots and by self-seeding.
  • non-invasive
  • not native to North America - Native to Europe.
Growing Information
How to plant:

Propagate by seed, division or separation - Divide in spring or fall.

Sow seed outside in containers in spring. Plants readily self-seed.

Maintenance and care:
Deadhead as soon as flowers fade to prevent self-seeding.

Plants may require staking.

More growing information: How to Grow Perennials

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