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Radar Loop - What's headed your way.

Precipitation - What fell yesterday.

Garden Climate Map - Features Sunset Climate Zones.

Soil Temperatures - From the Game Farm Road Weather Station, Ithaca, NY.

ForeCast - From the Northeast Regional Climate Center for the turf industry, but also of interest to home gardeners, including info on temperatures, precipitation, GDDs, moisture, more. See site map for easy navigation.

Freeze/Frost maps - From the NOAA National Climatic Data Center.

Climate Change in the Northeast proceedingsClimate Change in the Northeast
Developing an Education
and Outreach Agenda. Proceedings from a Nov. 2004 symposium.
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Cornell online resources:

USDA Hardiness Zone map for New York - Helps you determine which herbaceous perennials and woody trees, shrubs and vines will survive winters where you garden.

Microclimates - Terrain, lakes, and buildings can affect your hardiness zones and frost dates.

Average last spring frost date - Remember that average means that there's a good chance there will be frost after these dates. (You should wait until your soil has warmed up before planting frost-sensitive crops anyway.)

Average first fall frost date - Local microclimates may extend or hasten the end of your growing season for frost-senstivie crops.

Average freeze-free season - This is the window you have to grow frost-sensitive crops.

Understanding frost - What you need to know to stretch the season.

Growing degree days - Helps you predict woody plant pest infestations and other phenological phenomena determined by the accumulation of heat.


Zone Creep - NPR's Wired Science explores global warming and 'zone creep'. Clip features David Wolfe, climate change expert in Cornell's Department of Horticulture.

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