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Links to some of our most popular resources.

Viburnum Leaf Beetle Citizen Science - Learn more about this invasive pest, and how you can help researchers limit its spread.

Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home - Now online: Site selection, soil preparation, planting, pruning, training, pests and diseases, best varieties.

Herbaceous perennials from the test plots at Bluegrass Lane - Growing info and 900 photos for 153 cultivars, many not yet commercially available.

Damaging Plant Pests and Pathogens in New York - Have you seen any of these? USDA and NYS Department of Ag & Markets want to know. Gardeners can be the first line of defense, helping to monitor and nip infestations in the bud.

Plant Health Care for Landscapes and Gardens at Home and in the Community - Preventing problems is the key to keeping plants healthy. Summary version: Plant Health Care: A Basis for IPM.

Using Color in Flower Gardens - 'Slideshow' teaches you how to apply color theory to designing gardens.

Deer defenses - Resources to help you choose plants deer don't like, and to protect those that they do.

Vegetable Growing Guides - How to grow more than 50 different vegetables.

Vegetable varieties - Our latest suggestions for vegetable varieties that perform well in most of New York.

Minor Fruits - Under-used trees and shrubs that are good for landscaping as well as fruit.

Other land grant university programs - Links to gardening and other horticulture information.

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