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Lawn Care and Water Quality Almanac (2000)
Tells how to grow and maintain a dense, healthy lawn without polluting watersheds with pesticides, metals, nutrients, and petroleum. Organized as a month-by-month checklist, it includes color illustrations, charts and recommendations to help you decide what is best for you, your lawn, and your environment. In March you'll conduct a landscape water quality assessment and in April address pesky weeds. May provides picture clues to the most common lawn diseases. This almanac includes useful contacts and features a problem-solving index. Easy to use and filled with unique tips and helpful ideas, the year ends in December with a list of creative gift suggestions you can buy for your lawn. After that, flip over the pages and your twelve-step guide to a healthy lawn and healthy environment is ready to use year after year. 28 pp. Hard copy no longer available. Download .pdf.

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