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Marcia Eames-Sheavly has gardened her whole life. But a recent move had her starting with a clean slate. "Our garden is just a year old now, but it shows what you can do in a year if you set your mind to it," she points out. Marcia's gardening goals? Improve the soil. Make the garden beautiful as well as productive. And, most importantly, create a fun place for her whole family.

About the Gardener

Marcia Eames-Sheavly is a Senior Extension Associate in the Department of Horticulture, where she coordinates youth gardening programs statewide. She is a true believer that the process of gardening is as important as the product.

"It's great to grow healthy food and beautiful flowers," she says. "But gardening can also improve our lives and the lives of our kids and our communities."

Marcia collaborates with faculty on campus and Cornell Cooperative Extension staff around the state to find ways to use horticulture as an avenue for human, social, and community development. One of her latest projects has been to help bring the Junior Master Gardener Program developed at Texas A&M University to New York.

In addition to being a great gardener and an avid painter, she is the author of award-winning publications to help youth leaders and teachers start garden programs and integrate horticulture into their curriculums. Her publications include The Appealing Apple and The Three Sisters: Exploring an Iroquois Garden.

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