Turf Guy Rules

Cornell University turf grass specialist Dr. Frank Rossi walks you through the fundamentals of keeping your lawn healthy, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly...

Repairing a Small Spot
Seeding a Large Area
Mowing Low Means More Maintenance
Mowing High Makes
Less Work

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Dr. Frank Rossi, a.k.a. the 'Turf Guy', knows how to grow grass.

Golfweek Magazine named Dr. Rossi one of the 40 most influential people in the golf industry under 40. (Not just because of his smooth swing.) Graduates of his turf programs groom fields where big-league athletes can still feel the thrill of competing on real grass.

Dr. Rossi also has valuable insights for the individual hoping to grow a good-looking lawn at home. He emphasizes efficient, inexpensive techniques that promote healthy, environmentally friendly lawns.

His motto: "Improving the environment -- one lawn at a time!"

So how does the Turf Guy maintain his own 3/4-acre lawn? He seeds bare spots in the spring, occasionally spot sprays for weeds, and applies a little fertilizer in fall. All told, just 4 hours of work and $100 out of pocket.