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Flower Growing Guides - Pictures and detailed descriptions and growing instructions, site and soil requirements, varieties, and special uses for 268 different annuals and perennials.

Annual Flowers for Special Uses - Adapted by Joel Allen, Columbia County. Downstate and Long Island residents may want to consult Annuals for Special Uses from Nassau County.

EcoGardening Factsheets - From the Department of Horticulture, including: Weeds and Your Garden - Practical advice about how to prevent and control weeds.

Annual and perennial flower disease facthseet - From the Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic.

Container gardens - Plant and container selection, design, growing media and care, from Cornell Plantations.

Growing Vegetables, Herbs and Annual Flowers in Containers - Containers, soil, fertilizing, care and more.

Cold Frames and Hot Beds - How to build and operate, from Chemung County Cooperative Extension.

'Cornell Classics' - These older factsheets have withstood the test of time: Other resources:

Basic Principles of Landscape Design - University of Florida factsheet.

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