Master Gardener Volunteer Training Agreement



We are pleased that you will join us for the Master Gardener Core Qualifying Course, a pre-requisite to becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer with Cornell Cooperative Extension in the County of ______________________________ (hereinafter referred to as “CCE”). During the time that you are enrolled in the qualifying course, you will be a Master Gardener Intern or Trainee.


Please affirm your acceptance of the terms of this agreement, stated below, with your signature.  Also please accept our sincere thanks for your valuable contribution to Cornell Cooperative Extension.


1.       I agree that as a CCE Master Gardener Intern or Trainee, I must attend every class in order to gain a broad education on the many aspects of the horticultural sciences. I will talk with my county's Master Gardener Coordinator about the feasibility of what is an acceptable solution, if I miss any class due to illness or emergencies.


2.       I understand that I am committing my volunteer time in exchange for education.

At the successful completion of the qualifying course, I agree to provide ______ hours of volunteer time to the Master Gardener Program in ____________ County during _____________________________.


3.       I understand that the fee for participating in the Master Gardener Qualifying Course is _____, to cover costs

associated with running this program. This cost does not reflect staff time involved in planning, teaching or evaluating the course effectiveness.


4.       I agree to study the required reading materials, be an active participant in lectures and other training sessions, pass quizzes, exams and any other special requirement during the qualifying course.


5.       I will wear an identifying badge as a Master Gardener Intern or, at the appropriate time, a Master Gardener

Volunteer at public events.


6.       I will disseminate research based information and refrain from giving out information from personal gardening

experience that could be construed by the public to be an official statement from Cornell.


7.       I will become a certified Master Gardener Volunteer when I receive a certificate from ___________County of CCE. At a time when I am no longer active as a Master Gardener Volunteer, I agree to refer to myself only as a graduate or of the Master Gardener Program or former Master Gardener.








CCE Volunteer _____________________________________________________                    Date ____________


CCE Representative __________________________________________________________  Date ____________

                                                                Name                                                                      Title




Provide one copy of this agreement to the CCE Volunteer.

Retain this agreement for three years from CCE Volunteer separation.


Last updated 5/29/2002