Cornell Cooperative Extension Volunteer Position – (name of county)



Title: Master Gardener Volunteer


Purpose of Position: To provide home and community gardeners with unbiased, gardening information that is based on research or reliable experience, through a “neighbors-teaching-neighbors” educational program.  (See attached program description.)



1.       Successfully complete the required Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program and remain current through participation in recommended training opportunities throughout the agreed term of volunteer service.

2.       Serve as a horticultural resource as outlined in the plan of work of the sponsoring Cornell Cooperative County Association. 

3.       Represent Cornell Cooperative Extension within the community; encourage enrollment in and support for the organization.


Expected Results: The residents and communities will be better informed of environmentally sound gardening practices and be better able to make decisions based on the counsel and advice of Master Gardener Volunteers.


Training and Support:

·         Orientation to the Cornell Cooperative Extension System, its mission and that of the Master Gardener Volunteer Program

·         Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program includes a core qualifying course in gardening, as well as refresher classes, field trips and workshops to enhance expertise and ability to communicate information related to ecological gardening and related topics to the public. In __________ County, there is a registration fee of $_______.

·         Orientation to the operational and risk management procedures

·         Periodic opportunities for statewide, regional, and national conferences; participation is encouraged to expand your knowledge and remain current.

·         Extension Educators with knowledge of horticultural sciences as well as Veteran Master Gardener Volunteers active in the program provide support

·         supervisor’s name


Reporting:  Each Master Gardener Volunteer is expected to maintain records of program contacts, recommendations and time devoted to volunteer activities.


Time Commitment: A (county name) County Master Gardener Volunteer is expected to contribute a minimum of ______ hours for a period of _______ months in exchange for the training provided.



·         a basic interest in and knowledge about landscape and food gardening

·         enthusiasm for acquiring and sharing horticultural knowledge and skills

·         interest in teaching others

·         verbal and written communication skills

·         a time schedule  compatible with program activities

·         willingness to volunteer time on horticultural projects and educational activities that help meet the goals of the county's Cornell Cooperative Extension Program



·         Satisfaction of serving your community to extend the educational mission of Cornell Cooperative Extension

·         Interaction with people in your community with similar interests and talents in gardening and landscaping

·         A deeper understanding of the science and art of horticulture and its allied sciences


Last updated 5/29/2002