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Master Gardener Manual
To read these documents online, click on the .html or .xls links below.

Cornell Cooperative Extension staff: To download Microsoft Word files that you can customize for use in your county, click on the .doc or .xls links. (With some versions of Netscape, you'll need to right click on the link and choose Save Link As ... . )

  • Volunteer Orientation to NYS Master Gardener Program Standards [.html | .doc]

  • Master Gardener Volunteer Training Agreement [.html | .doc]

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension Volunteer Agreement [.html | .doc]

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension Volunteer Position Description for Master Gardeners [.html | .doc]

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension Volunteer Code of Conduct [.doc]

  • Master Gardener Service Diary [.xls] - Master Gardeners in all NYS counties record their volunteer time on this statewide diary
Cornell Cooperative Extension Volunteer Involvement Policy (CCE VIP) - Cornell Cooperative Extension also expects that Master Gardener Volunteers and their county Master Gardener Program coordinator understand the accept the policies that apply to all volunteers. The policies and guidelines described in the CCE - VIP website provide an in depth explanation of important aspects of being a volunteer with Cornell Cooperative Extension.

In order to become a Master Gardener, the first step is to formally apply to the Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) county in which you will volunteer. Generally, this is the county in which you reside, however, exceptions are sometimes made at the discretion of the host county. The Cornell Cooperative Extension website lists county office addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers.

To determine whether the county where you reside has an active Master Gardener Program, please review the list of counties with active programs. or call the Cornell Cooperative Extension county office.

The volunteer application is generic for all counties and for all volunteer roles in the Cornell Cooperative Extension system within New York State. It is available for your review below, however, filling out an application does not guarantee acceptance into the Master Gardener Program or any other program which accepts volunteers. To find out more information, it is advisable to contact the CCE county office, where you reside and intend to volunteer.

The Cornell Cooperative Extension volunteer application includes a cover letter and the application itself.

For New York State County Extension Educators in charge of Master Gardener Programs, the cover letter and application form can be customized for county use by adding county information.

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