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Ulster County's 'Water Wise Garden'Since 2000, Ulster County Master Gardeners have been cultivating a "Water Wise Garden," demonstrating xeriscaping practices at a high-traffic location at the entrance to Ulster County Community College Stone Ridge, N.Y.

Master Gardeners initiated the project to promote stewardship of the Hudson River. Backyard gardeners, they discovered, used more pesticides and fertilizers than the commercial area farmers. Using xeriscaping practices gardeners can have attractive gardens and landscapes while reducing polluted runoff.

Workshop participants  installing new beds.The MGs hope to affect attitudes and behaviors by demonstrating water-wise plants, integrated pest management, conscientious watering practices and alternative landscaping techniques. In addition to raising awareness, the MGs communicate their message through tours, workshops, signage and brochures.

For more information, visit the Ulster County Master Gardener website.

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