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The Master Gardener Volunteers of Rockland County designed and maintain the 8 beautiful demonstration gardens that surround the offices of CCE Rockland Education Center:

  • Hillside and Shade Garden
  • Fern Garden
  • Herb Garden
  • Ornamental Grass Garden
  • Cutting Garden
  • Container Gardens
  • Native Plants
  • The Ralph Snodsmith Perennial Garden

See pictures below.

Visitors can tour the gardens to learn which plants grow best in Rockland County. From April through October on the last Sunday of each month, the Master Gardener Volunteers hold a free tour of the gardens at 1 PM. Children are always welcome. Visitors can also stop by on Thursdays (April to mid-November) between 10 and 11 a.m. to ask the Master Gardeners questions as they work in the gardens. CCE Rockland is located at 10 Patriot Hills Drive, Stony Point, NY 10980. 845-429-7085

The Hillside and Shade Gardens elegantly offer solutions to the Rockland County problem of steep slopes, abundance of rocks and gardening in shade under trees. The Native Plant Garden encourages the use of beautiful plants native to our area that are low maintenance and need little water. The Herb Garden highlights plants with various uses that are generally not bothered by insects or browsing wildlife, and the Cutting Garden demonstrates annuals and perennials that are perfect for floral arranging. The Ornamental Grass Garden contains a variety of low maintenance ornamental grasses that provide dramatic year round interest especially in winter.

The Ralph Snodsmith Perennial Garden is named for the 1965 Rockland CCE Agricultural Agent who went on to become a lecturer and radio personality. This perennial garden demonstrates a colorful succession of bloom against a canvas of varied foliage. The Fern Garden introduces how these often overlooked woodland plants can add interest to the home garden. The Container Garden illustrates how anyone, especially those with space constraints, physical limitations or limited time can have a lush garden of ornamental plants, herbs, small shrubs or vegetables.

Photos by Master Gardener Donna DeSousa.

Rockland demo garden
The Hillside Garden

Rockland demo garden
The Ralph Snodsmith Perennial Garden

Rockland demo garden
The Ralph Snodsmith Perennial Garden

Rockland demo garden
The Ornamental Grass Garden

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