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Art of Horticulture
New course offered by the
Dept. of Horticulture.
The Art of Horticulture homepage

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Youth education
4-H garden-based learning, gardening activities and curricula, etc.
Master Gardeners:

New York State Master Gardener Volunteer program

Favorite plants of Master Gardeners

Adult continuing education:

Online horticulture distance learning - Courses are a unique combination of hands-on and online learning:
  • Organic Gardening
  • Plant Propagation
  • Botanical Illustration
Spring/summer 2007 courses are in progress. If you would like to be notified when future courses are scheduled, email Marguerite Wells:

Cornell CybertowerCornell Cybertower - [Free registration required.] Cornell Adult University site features 'study rooms' where faculty present topics via video lectures and demos. Hort topics include propagation and Iroquois '3 Sisters' gardening.

Mann Library Virtual Exhibits - Peek inside the pages of rare and historical books at Cornell's Mann Library. Subjects include seed catalogs, kitchen gardens, bees, mushrooms and more.

College opportunities:

Cornell Department of Horticulture program descriptions

SUNY Horticulture programs

Other Cornell programs:

Garden Mosaics - Cornell Department of Natural Resources program involves youth as researchers to document plants, planting practices, and other aspects of community gardens.

Other resources:

Pesticide Applicator Core Tutorial - From Cornell's Pesticide Management Education Program.

Arizona Master Gardener Manual - An essential reference for gardening in the Southwest, but keep in mind that your conditions are likely to be very different.

Botany Basics - Online Master Gardener module from Oregon State University.

Herbaceous Garden Plants Online - course from the University of Vermont.

How to be a gardener - Online tutorial from the BBC.

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